Scrap Grinder

Scrap Grinder

Product Details

KESHAR EXTRUSION offer's most efficient scrap grinder machine (GRANULATORS) used for recycling the rejected various plastic material to convert into required size of granules.

KESHAR EXTRUSION SCRAP GRINDERS (GRANULATORS) are commonly used by almost all the polymers processing industries like Rotomoulding, Blow Moulding, PVC Extrusion, manufacturing plants to recycle waste materials through size reduction for reprocessing.

KESHAR EXTRUSION SCRAP GRINDERS (GRANULATORS) can be implicated for almost all applications of plastics granulations. The completely welded heavy steel manufactured construction is designed to with stand the most demanding and universal applications through the removable deflection wedge.

The materials is fed in the knife mill via the feed chute or by means of intake devices.

The size reduction takes place between the knives of the fast rotating rotor and the stationary housings knives. The particle size of the reduced material is determined by the easily exchangeable screen which is installed at the bottom of the housing where the material is discharged.

The company's wide range of machines with a variety of model has made it capable, to offer the best possible solutions to the plastic processing industry's growing demands...

Product Advantages

  • Reliable, efficient Robust design.
  • Good accessibility of the cutting chamber allows easy and intensive cleaning & quick screen change.
  • All-steel rotor knives.
  • Housing knives designed as block knives.
  • Easy handling & cleaning.
  • Sound insulation optional.
  • Energy efficient, higher output rate with lower energy consumption.
  • Easy changing & setting of knives.

Product Specification

Model Motor (HP) Blade Size
KSG - 12 5 300
KSG - 16 10 400
KSG - 18 15 450
KSG - 21 25 530
KSG - 24 40 600
KSG - 30 50 750
KSG - 36 75 900